The Problem:

You need to move goods or equipment, but you’re not sure where to turn.

Without your own transport division, it can be a headache to find the right transport for your needs, and, worse, it can end up costing you dearly in time and money. Having your own transport division is simply not an option for most businesses, and so you have to outsource. But to whom?

The Solution:

Use a Transport Broker.

These days, you’d use a mortgage broker to find a home loan, because they know the loans industry and will get you the best deal for your circumstances and needs. You’d be crazy just to go with the first bank that you found. Finding the right transport solution for your business is no different. You need someone to handle it, and it’s cost effective to get a broker to do that for you.

Here are seven fundamental reasons why you should use UC Logistics for your transport needs:

Variety and choice

We have access to a broad selection of pre-qualified haulage providers, some of which are not well known on the market. Using a good broker gives you an inside track on suppliers that you likely have never made contact with. It’s like having years of logistics knowledge and experience instantly at your fingertips.


Industry rates

UC Logistics has access to transport rates that are simply not available to retail customers. What more needs to be said? You’ll save money.


Trust and knowledge

UC Logistics brokers come from a transport and logistics background. You can be certain that your freight is handled with the right technical expertise. We never stop learning and continue to research the market. You can be sure that the service you get is the service you really need.



Using a UC Logistics broker means dealing with just one person from start to finish.Everything from quotes to transport to accounts; no sales reps, no coordinators, no middlemen. One person. We will handle it. Managing a seamless transport experience – it’s what we do.



Any freight at any time. At UC Logistics we work with any kind of freight. We are not limited by assets – we can accommodate oversize project freight, dangerous goods, perishables, small courier work – anything to accommodate your needs. The huge variety of suppliers that work for us allows us to move your freight anywhere and at any time; we do not have limiting schedules that we have to work with.



Assured Quality. UC Logistics already has all the relevant insurances, policies and accreditation that a transport company would – and more. You can rest assured that your freight is safe in our hands and that it is managed by qualified professionals. All our suppliers go through a tough pre-screening process to ensure that they comply with the law and safety requirements and that they meet our exacting quality standards.


Management and follow up

Our suppliers know us and know our high-quality expectations. UC Logistics is not beholden to any particular transport supplier and we will only work with suppliers that get the job done right. We run frequent follow-up checks on our suppliers and we welcome feedback from you. The job is not complete until you’re happy, and we will not rest until you’re completely satisfied.

Transport and logistics should be something that gets out of your way while you concentrate on your core business. If you’re also looking to access transport at rates normally reserved for the major movers, then a transport broker is what you need. UC Logistics can do all this for you, just tell us what you need doing and we’ll handle it from there.

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