Project logistics should streamline challenges, making transport easier for industry, not more complicated. With ongoing requests for logistics support from industry, we knew we needed to offer a solution that would combine both responsiveness and expertise to get things done. Bringing a combined 10 years of experience in logistics and transport in Australia, Europe and North America, we formed UC Logistics Australia in 2015 to offer results-driven outcomes.

With technical skill, operational effectiveness, a commitment to safety and proactive contract management, we are able to provide our clients with both complete control over the movement of goods and materials, as well as the insight to make better informed decisions.

We specialise in helping clients in both the government and private sector, including:

> Mining services

> Construction

> Oil & Gas Industry

From plant relocations and the construction of new facilities, to the movement of deliverables, we use a comprehensive process to empower our clients with:

  • Thorough risk assessment
  • Global freight management
  • Review of contract bids and other documentation
  • Clear breakdown of the structure and method statement
  • Logistics insights to improve vendor selection and other business decisions

By taking a strategic approach and leveraging technology to provide innovative solutions, we are able to effectively reduce costs for our clients, closing the gap of lost productivity, delays and mismanaged resources.

Committed to excellence, we only work with a select group of transport providers. With our stringent quality assurance review and our own company dedication to ongoing improvement, we will continue to raise the benchmark for project logistics that empower our clients.
Skilled experts can save you both time and resources, whilst also taking the stress and unpredictability out of major industry projects. Whether you are moving materials or constructing, renovating or relocating your plant, refinery or other facility, UC Logistics can help your project thrive.

Project Logistics

For industrial projects in the construction, mining, and oil and gas industries, the line between project efficiency and expensive logistical problems can be a thin one. With UC Logistics, you don’t have to worry about complications that will put your project over budget or risk your time scale. You’ll have a dedicated team working directly with suppliers and facilitating supply chain resources to work out the most efficient project delivery possible. Our team of project logistics and transport experts have the necessary expertise that can guide your project to completion with minimal disruption, saving you time, money and stress.
It requires skill and diverse experience, both in Australia and globally, to be able to offer the solutions and strategic coordination that will give you total control over project outcomes. With our knowledge, advanced technology, and best-in-class resources, you know you are giving your project the right logistical support at each stage.

Get the project logistics help you need to achieve successful delivery and timely completion. Responsive to both your objectives and the nuances of your project, the team at UC Logistics is here to ensure your project can thrive. 

  • Delivery of heavy-lift cargo, industrial equipment, supplies and materials
  • Routing options designed to mitigate risk and reduce costs
  • Cost modelling to help you make better-informed decisions
  • Assessment of all documentation including contracts and client bids
  • Export and import cargo management
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Comprehensive, ongoing logistics intelligence along every step of the project lifecycle


iFR8 is an online B2B platform that allows its users to quote and book freight movements with Premium Quality Australian Transport Providers – handling the entire process from start to finish through one central portal. It is perfect for adhoc job that do not require heavy administrative involvement.

UCL ifr8
  • Instant access to credible, strictly pre-qualified freight providers who have a proven history of safety and reliability
  • One point of contact for all your logistics requirements, regardless of whether you deal with one provider or hundreds, designed to save you time
  • A digital paper trail of all your freight movements through our web portal and mobile app, so you can monitor delivery progress and keep your customers 'in the loop'
  • iFR8 is designed, owned and operated by UC Logistics Australia.

It’s a no contract, no obligation, no credit card required self-service portal with a personal touch – the expert team is only a phone call away!

UCL ifr8
We have made our quoting process even better!


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